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RevenueCloud is a powerful, flexible revenue management App for Salesforce. RevenueCloud enables configurable Opportunity Splitting, Product Splitting and integrates with all of your custom fields in Salesforce.

RevenueCloud features automated Revenue Scheduling for products to free your reps from repetitive manual schedule editing.

  • Opportunity Splits
  • Product Splits
  • Create and Edit Salesforce Product Schedules in Lightning with Custom Fields
  • Automatic Revenue Scheduling (evenly divided or prorated by day)
  • Built-in Support for ASC 606 Compliance
  • Support for Multi-Currency and Dated Exchange Rates
  • Click-to-configure - Extends with your Custom Rules and Formulas
  • Integrates Seamlessly with CPQ
  • Scalable and Secure - 100% Native Salesforce App Cloud
RevenueCloud Salesforce AppExchange Listing

RevenueCloud is totally native to the Salesforce App Cloud. This means that RevenueCloud runs in Salesforce and nowhere else. So RevenueCloud uptime is Salesforce uptime. RevenueCloud reliability is Salesforce Reliability and RevenueCloud Security is Salesforce Security. With RevenueCloud, your data will reside only in your Salesforce org. You will maintain complete control over security and access to your data via standard Salesforce Security settings.

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