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CloudComp Commission Anything is a 100% Native Salesforce, Certified Compensation App which provides unparalleled click-to-configure setup for Standard and Custom Objects and Fields.

CloudComp supports Multi-Quota, Mult-Plan, Multi-Tier, Multi-Currency Compensation for Salesforce Users, including Platform Users.

All CloudComp Commissions, Quota Attainment and Payment data is accessible via Standard Salesforce reports, dashboards and the Salesforce API.

CloudComp is 100% compatible with Salesforce Lightning, Mobile, Salesforce Object and Field security and Salesforce Mobile Ready.

  • Unlimited Quotas
  • Unlimited Compensation Plans
  • Unlimited Sales Teams and Overlays
  • Weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly and custom Payment Schedules
  • Integrates with Salesforce Custom Fiscal Years and Periods
  • Commissions and Sales Revenue Modeling / Forecasting
  • Built-in Support for ASC 606 Compliance
  • Supports Salesforce Multi-Currency and Dated Exchange Rates
  • Integrates with CPQ, Accounting and ERP Systems in Salesforce
  • Supports Standard and Custom Objects in Salesforce
  • Click-to-configure - Extends with your custom rules and formulas
  • Scalable and Secure - 100% Native Salesforce App Cloud
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CloudComp is totally native to the Salesforce App Cloud. This means that CloudComp runs in Salesforce and nowhere else. So CloudComp uptime is Salesforce uptime. CloudComp reliability is Salesforce Reliability and CloudComp Security is Salesforce Security. With CloudComp, your compensation data will reside only in your Salesforce org. You will maintain complete control over security and access to your compensation data via standard Salesforce Security settings.

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